Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Goucher College and Wide Angle Media

Goucher College and Wide Angle Media have teamed up to benefit one another. For Wide Angle's Who Are You? Youth Media Festival, Goucher Collge students in Professor Michael Koch's Advanced Public Relations class have agreed to start their final porject early. Originally we, the students were supposed to end our semester with a final project. The we got word that Wide Angle wanted to Collaborate with us to produce better public relations for the company. We jumped at the oppurtunity and are now working and doing the PR for the Who Are You? Festival. As a team of ten, we split up into different groups to cover all oppurtunities to make this event publicisized. Some students are working with social networking sites such as twitter and facebook. Other students are writing and distributing press releases. One group is working on producing a website which maps out all of the participating institutions in Baltimore. The students will be at the festival on Saturday, April 25th to see what the product of all of their hard work will be like. Check out the links above to learn more!

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